Frank Ene. You groovy bastard. 

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Chineke - I Hardly Sleep At Night


i own every pressing now. wooo


frank ene, backstage at one of fall of troy’s final shows. taken at the emerson in indianapolis, indiana.


Thomas Erak & Frank Ene, The Fall Of Troy by © Natalia Balcerska Photography on Flickr.

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Sledgehammer” - The Fall Of Troy.

saw them live for during their last tour, at San Luis Obispo back in 2010, it was amazing… Although Thomas was so drunk he butchered a couple songs…

the fall of troy by anthonydicap on Flickr.

Frank Black and Thomas Erak by matthewcurtis91 on Flickr.

Frank and Andrew by Nirazilla on Flickr.

TFOT by ICE_6418 on Flickr.

The Fall of Troy by ashleygoris on Flickr.